Conservation Framing

Conservation framing at fantastic prices in West London

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Preserve your pictures and artwork

Do you have art that needs to be preserved? Are you looking to extend the life of your cherished pictures? Choose conservation framing from J White Framing to make sure that your pictures and art last a lifetime. We do everything from choosing the right kind of mounting to using clear UV protective glass to make sure you get the best results. Call us on 020 8960 2660 today to speak to one of our experts.
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We provide services to:

  • High profile celebrities
  • Artists
  • International shops
  • Interior designers
  • Film set designers
  • Schools
  • Galleries and auction houses
acid-free mounts

High quality acid-free mounts

We use acid-free mounts and backing to prevent fading and discolouration of your art work and pictures. Acid-free paper neutralises the acid that is created from ageing paper or atmospheric pollution. In addition to conservation framing we also offer 3D framing services.
Protect your art work for years to come,
with conservation framing from J White Framing in West London. Call us today
on 020 8960 2660
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